Wednesday, 22 June 2011

sand, carrot cake & graphics.

Stefan doesn't know it yet - but this is going to be his summer DIY project. haha.
How awesome is this sandbox? I love the hinged cover - which is SO necessary when you have cats that leave little 'treats' in any patch of sand in the garden.
A new sandbox? They'll think it's Christmas. - and that we built them a new five star ablution block!

So this 'Cadillac' of sandboxes (as the original designer from 'small & friendly' calls it) is the ultimate solution. Absolutely LOVE it. Stefan, babe...please?:)))

Yesterday - we baked carrot cake! yum:)
The first time I ever baked a carrot cake - it was ok - but a bit dry. I then got this 'foolproof' recipe from my lovely friend Sandra...mmm - trust me to make a mess of it! lol. I'm not really sure what went wrong - lets just say - if you ate the cake blind-folded - it was awesome :) 

But I wasn't completely discouraged - and yesterday I decided to be brave and attempt it again...this time I used a non-stick pan:)
Bella-bear making sure that her mama doesn't forget any ingredients:)
(hehe - poor baba's cheeks are so dry in this zero humidity winter we have at the moment - so I smeared a thick layer of aqueous cream on them - hehe)
 Success. YUM!

I finally got a chance to design some more graphics for Bella's room.  
(Inspired by this and this)
This would have been awesome to send out as Bella's birth announcement...rather late than never I suppose:) Bella was 1 day old in this photo...
24 weeks old today xxx 
Look at how long her eyelashes have grown!
I am definitely going to have this one framed...

This one too :)

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